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Accessorize with us to complete your bridal look

Veils and more



Getting the shoe to fit! Consider The Dress Collective Design, selling the very in demand shoes, in all sizes.  Visit our shop and find our extensive shoe range.

Veils and Overskirts

WOW Matrimony. The Dress Collective Design will make sure you have a complete and finished off look with our unique and hand-made veils and overskirts.


Hair Pieces and Jewelry

For an opportunity to make a fashion statement, browse our latest jewelry and hair piece collection. You will look nothing but gorgeous with a new fashion piece to add to your look.

Create and Make to Measure

Create your own dream dress with our team of designers. This gives you the opportunity to merge certain styles you love which will be made to fit you perfectly.

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Additional Garments

Bride Entourge



A Great Collection

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